Capstone Colts

Colts Return to Play

The Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League’s Board of Governors met Thursday evening in a zoom meeting and agreed the League would resume play again Monday Feb 14 when the 7-5-3 Liverpool Privateers visit the 11-6-1 Sackville Blazers.  It was agreed all play would take place within the respective Fred Fox and Sid Rowe Divisions with the regular season concluding Monday Feb 28.  Board Vice-Chair Danny Hines of East Hants said, “ the Governors also agreed that with the down swing in League Activity since Omnicron bore through the Province like a huge tidal wave back in December, it would only be fair to allow all teams to participate in the 21-22 League Playoffs instead of having four teams begin play again for only between four and six regular season games.
As a result, the league’s playoff schedule will begin March 1 with the third and sixth place teams and the fourth and fifth place teams  in each division playing a Best-of-Five Mini-Series concluding no later than March 8th.  The winners of these series will then take on the first and second place teams in each division in the divisional semi-finals.  Discussion also ensued around the unequal number of games being played by each team.  It was then agreed that despite the fact we are now approaching year 3 of the Covid Epidemic, very little could be done to ensure an equal number of games with all the stops and starts that have transpired and therefore final divisional standings would be based on winning percentage.
The League Semi-Finals will be played March 10-23, the Divisional Finals March 25-April 6 and the Provincial Championship Series schedules for April 8-23. The winner of the Provincial Championship is then scheduled to immediately go to Cocagne, New Brunwick for the Don Johnson Memorial Cup Atlantic Championship Tournament that is scheduled for between April 26 and May 1.